The people who make it happen

The volunteer team at Carrotmob Melbourne has moved on to other things but we’re still available to mentor you if you’re interested in giving it a go yourself.

Just get in touch at:

The Melbourne co-founders:

  • Helen
  • Ying

Campaign coordinator:

  • Ashlee

Online coordinator:

  • Emma

Organisations who helped:

Bands who played at Carrotmob:


6 responses to “The people who make it happen

  1. Hey guys! I love what you all are doing and I want to bring a carrotmob buycott to Baton Rouge, LA on the campus of LSU. Any tips on how to get started? I am part of a student organisation called Health Initiatives Abroad (HIA) and our president is very excited about this possibility.

  2. Hey Anthony, Carrotmob first started in the US and Brett who is the brains behind the idea is great at giving advice and hooking you up with any Carrotmobbers who may be in the area (contactable via ).

    Our top three tips are:
    – try and work with local government and not-for-profit groups so someone who knows what they’re doing can help with the environmental audit
    – make sure you have your elevator pitch sorted before you approach businesses. They’ll want to know how it will benefit them (cost saving and marketing/exposure are the key). Use some of the numbers from our more successful campaigns to make it more tangible, the first mob is always the hardest sell
    – promotion is important to get your mob happening so make sure you cover all your bases: social media, posters, student/local papers

    Good luck and let us know how you go.

  3. Would your carrotmob like to be involved in the opening event of the South Melbourne Commons on Saturday 10 December? We have been looking for some people to dress up as carrots and it looks like you already have the costumes ready.

    • Hi Paul, Thanks for the invite but we actually hire our carrot costume and our (non-existent) budget doesn’t stretch to extra events. Ashlee’s Nanna has promised to make one for us but I don’t think it will be ready by December 10.

  4. Hi Helen and Ying
    I am putting together a Green Business Sustainability forum partnered with Small Business Victoria. I will be having a few tradeshow style tables, and was hoping someone from Carrot Mob Melbourne would like to stand a display table. The event will be on Friday 27th March. Please give me a call or email me for more information. Jeff

  5. Hi Jeff, We will be there. More details to follow for people interested in coming along.

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