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Australia’s first biodegradable crepe cone in development

Crepes a la  Carte is consulting with designers and manufacturers to build the first biodegradable crepe cone for Australia. A Carrotmob in June raised over half the money needed to develop the crepe cone prototype. Co-owners Liz and Ben hope to have the crepe cone in use by the end of the year. We’re sure there will be plenty of volunteers to test out that particular prototype.



Halfway to Australia’s first biodegradable crepe cone

Just two hours of mobsters has raised over half the money needed for Crepes a la Carte to develop Australia’s first biodegradable crepe cone.

Co-owner Liz Brumby said the Carrotmob had been a great success and even seemed to have increased takings for the rest of the week “in every possible way it’s as perfect as it could be, even the weather (was perfect).”

The Carrotmob was held last Tuesday after marketing and society lecturer Ben Neville  contacted the Melbourne Carrotmob about holding a mob at Melbourne Uni.

Carrotmob volunteer and Melbourne Uni student Ashlee Brady approached a range of businesses at the uni to get involved. Three businesses made commitments and the marketing and society class voted for Crepes a la Carte to win the mob.

People eating Crepe a la Carte crepes

Some happy customers from Crepes a la Carte with the carrot.

 Crepes a la Carte is run by students Liz Brumby and Ben Vaughan. The pair tasted plenty of crepes in their travels around Europe and Japan so a crepe van was a natural choice when they decided they wanted to run their own business. However, it was important to them that the business was about more than just making a quick buck. “We think it’s always important, in particular as students ourselves, to demonstrate that a small business can be both sustainable and profitable,” Liz said. “We’re a simple small business trying to sell and make money but we’re commited to the environment at the same time.”

Liz and Ben had already investigated making a biodegradable crepe cone so when they were approached by Ashlee about getting involved in Carrotmob they knew exactly what they wanted to do. The pair have talked to a biodegradable coffee cup manufacturer about trialling the crepe cone using similar materials. “Our crepe cones are recyclable but we can’t control what happens to them after they leave the store and they don’t degrade naturally,” said Liz.

160 crepes were sold and a total of $893.40 was raised.

Mini mob at Melbourne Uni next week

As really observant followers of this blog may have noticed,  University of Melbourne lecturer Dr. Ben Neville posted a comment on the blog just before Easter about running a Carrotmob at Melbourne Uni.

“I’ve just come across Carrotmob and I love it. I lecture a third year subject called Marketing and Society at Melbourne Uni. I featured the liquor store video in class yesterday and have just put your info on my class blog. But I have a proposal for you…how about creating a competition for businesses on campus here or nearby (Lygon St?) with my students as the main mobsters (I get about 60 turning up). They could vote, then we could mob the winning business after a class (we finish at 4.15 on Tuesdays). We’ve got 4 weeks left excluding next week’s holiday, so we’d have to get cracking. Let me know. Ben”

And in a superhuman effort, we will be running what is possibly the world’s fastest Carrotmob next week!

Who was in the running?

Three businesses were interested in having a Carrotmob show up at their business. The class voted on:

  • Streat: a social enterprise selling food and coffee on campus who promised to use all of the potential mob revenue to contribute to existing sustainability initiatives
  • Kere Kere: a unique coffee vendor that lets its customers decide where the profits from their purchases go promised to commit $2 of every coffee sold to the creation of frisbees made out of used milk bottles
  • Crepes a la carte: pledged 100% of generated revenue to the creation of Australia’s first biodegradable takeaway crepe cone.
Crepes a la carte

100% of proceeds are going into developing Australia's first biodegradable crepe cone

Who won?

Crepes a la Carte was the clear winner with 28 votes out of a total of 37!

The third year Marketing and Society class will be showing up for the mob but we’d love to see you there too.

When and where is the mob?

Where – Crepes a la Carte, a student-owned and operated French Creperie at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus
When – Tuesday 24th May, 12pm-2pm