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Results from Fed Square mob

Despite around 50 people putting their pennies towards an enjoyable meal or drink, the il Pomodoro mob last month didn’t raise the cash needed for the veggie garden.

Il Pomodoro  still plan on further developing their herb garden and will continue to be as sustainable as possible.

The Fed Square mob was the first restaurant mob organised by Carrotmob Melbourne.  Staffing requirements for restaurants make it more difficult to plan than a corner store as the number of staff working, compared to customers, needs to be spot on to make sure there is a profit made. In this case the numbers weren’t right.

Carrotmob Melbourne has learnt a lot from the experience. We’ll also be running some polls in the new year to try and get a better idea of what works best for our mob and our businesses.

Thanks to the carrot mobbers who did attend – it was a great night with some fantastic local music from Matt and Kate. The publicity generated also helped to prove that being environmentally friendly is a factor in consumer purchasing decisions.


The General Assembly to play at Fed Square mob on Nov 17

We’ve been a little bit jealous of the Occupy movement, we’ll admit it. All that media coverage, crowds of people.

So we visited the New York City General Assembly (Occupy Wall St) website to see what tips we could pick up and decided to get our own general assembly. Except we got Matt from the band The General Assembly instead.

We actually think our General Assembly is better. Their music is so good it’s had an endorsement from former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer. And they’re so committed to the environment they’ve used old books for their cd covers and halved their cd press run even though they still had to pay full price.

So if you’d like to be part of a general assembly but still go home and sleep in your own bed all you have to do is show up at Il Pomodoro restaurant in Fed Square on Thursday 17th November from 5.30 to 7.30pm. Just by buying a drink or a snack you’ll be doing your bit to make an environmental improvement (all profits go towards developing a veggie patch and herb garden in Fed Square). You’ll also be demonstrating to business what is important to you as a consumer/the 99%.

The background

Il Pomodoro competed for the mob at this year’s Sustainable Living Festival back in February, against other Fed Square locals Beer DeLuxe and Jolimont Café.  Each business pitched what they would do with the mob-generated revenue to improve their sustainability.  Festival attendees voted for their favourite on the day, and supporters also voted online in the weeks that followed.

Carrotmob campaign manager Ashlee Brady said: “We’re really excited for our first evening mob.  It’s a great way for people to support a local business on their sustainability journey, whilst enjoying great food, drinks and music! We’re encouraging people to come past for a quick after-work drink, dinner with friends, or even coffee and dessert. Consumer support for Il Pomodoro is going directly to a sustainable cause, and hopefully more restaurants, cafes and bars will be inspired to green up their practices”

Mobbing Fed Square in November

The long-awaited Fed Square mob date has been set.

If you joined us recently Beer Deluxe, il Pomodoro and the Jolimont cafe all taped videos with their pledges on what environmental improvements they would make to win the mob of consumers. After online and in-person voting at the Sustainable Living Festival earlier this year il Pomodoro got the most votes and won the mob.

When is it?

The mob will be held on Thursday 17th November from 5.30-7.30pm.

Carrotmob at il pomodoro in Fed Square on Thursday Nov 17 from 5.30 to 7.30pm

What environmental improvements will be made?

100% of the profit from the two hours will go towards the promised veggie garden. The garden will decrease il Pomodoro’s  carbon footprint by cutting down on food transportation as well as resulting in less food waste.

After completing the environmental audit as part of the Carrotmob process il Pomodoro are also planning more changes  independently such as changing their lights, improving organic waste management and promoting reusable keep cups.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is show up for an after work drink, Italian-inspired snack, dinner or dessert. Every single dollar of your purchase goes towards the garden. Too easy.

What’s in it for me?

As well as helping us save the environment there will be music from Matt Wicking of The General Assembly as well as some Carrotmob promo deals. . Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook to keep in the loop.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to il Pomodoro who have won the mob!

205 people voted to make the final vote count:

  • Il Pomodoro 86
  • Beer Deluxe 79
  • Jolimont 40

To keep in touch about when the mob will be happening subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter.

As votes are counted it’s a photo finish

Online voting has now closed and the final votes are:

  • Jolimont cafe 7
  • Beer Deluxe 8
  • il Pomodoro 14

But wait…there are still the paper votes to consider….

Voting cards from Sustainable Living Festival

Who will win? It's neck and neck between il Pomodoro and Beer Deluxe

As you can see from the picture above, voting from the Sustainable Living Festival  was close too. From front to back we have the votes from Jolimont cafe, Beer DeLuxe and il Pomodoro. The winner will be announced later this week.

Kinfolk voting event cancelled

Due to some unexpected personal emergencies the old school voting event at Kinfolk cafe on Saturday has had to be cancelled. If you were going to show up, we apologise. Don’t forget you can vote online so embrace the new world order and do your voting now.

Old school voting this Saturday

There won’t be a barbecue out the front but there will be free tasty treats, lucky door prizes, sustainability speakers and more.

The voting event starts at 11am on Saturday 26th Feb at Kinfolk Cafe, 673 Bourke St, Melbourne. Any profits from the event will be supporting Y-GAP (y-generation against poverty) international development projects.

Vote for the business you want to mob

Online voting is now open! Watch the videos or read the profiles of each of the three Fed Square business participating in Carrotmob and vote for the business you think deserves to win the mob.

Giant green plans at the Joli
It’s jolly green times ahead at the Jolimont café where the plan is to switch to GreenPower, the government accredited renewable energy scheme.

They will also:
• improve lighting efficiency
• change takeaway packaging to recycled packaging
• sort organic waste

Drink beer to save the environment
Carrotmob can’t offer free beer to its readers like some tabloid newspapers. But it can offer the next best thing – a good excuse to drink it.

Beer DeLuxe is one of the participants in Carrotmob. They are offering to:
• stock local carbon neutral beer
• implement organic waste separation
• provide discounts to cyclists (and build a bike rack)
• arrange a home brew bottle pick-up system
• look at changing to efficient lighting which would reduce their carbon emissions by 25 tonnes per year

From trash to treasure
It’s your classic fairytale story. Neglected and unloved, someone uncovers your true potential and you blossom. But in this case the blossoming is literal. il Pomodoro wants to clean up a local vacant lot filled with weeds and rubbish and create a veggie patch that will service the kitchen. That’s zero food miles right there.

They will also:
• reseal their fridges
• start stocking keep cups and fair trade coffee

Don’t forget to vote

Vote on who to mob at the Sustainable Living Festival

Fed Square businesses are competing for the the next Carrotmob…who do you

Federation Square

Vote on which Federation Square business you want to get the mob at the Sustainable Living Festival (photo: donaldytong)

think should get it?

To make the most of our democratic voting rights, Carrotmob is asking you to vote for the business you want to mob the most at this weekend’s Sustainable Living Festival. We also promise it won’t be a draw!

Carrotmob will be at Birrarung Marr on:

  • Friday 18th Feb, 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday, 19th Feb, 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday, 20th Feb 10am – 5pm

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, there will be online voting too.  Subscribe to keep up-to-date on voting and find out who will be competing for the chance to make their business greener.

Carrotmob…what the?

So I’m guessing if you’ve found this blog you probably know what a flashmob is (I checked and even my techno-illiterate mum has heard of them). But just in case here’s a video of one in action in Melbourne.

Carrotmob is a flashmob with a cause. Yes, that’s right, you showing up in a spot at the same time and place as everyone else can make a difference. Hang on, you say, isn’t that known as a protest and haven’t they been doing those since the ’60s?

Think of Carrotmob as a positive protest with an oddly capitalist twist. You spend your money on stuff you would’ve bought anyway – a coffee, some groceries; and in return a business pledges to do ‘something good’. Often it’s an environmental improvement, it could be donating leftover food to the homeless, whatever the business can commit to.

Then if you think what the business is promising to do is a good idea, all you have to do is show up and buy. No tie dye necessary. No chanting (not unless the mood strikes you). Just spending followed by warm, fuzzy feeling. Who would’ve thought capitalism could be this fulfilling.

And guess what, Carrotmob is coming to Fed Square right here in Melbourne. There will be pledges and there will be voting. Got thoughts on what pledge you’d like a business to make? Share them here.