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How much did we raise? And what should we spend it on?

After a week of caffeine hits, the mob raised $1176. That’s over 200o coffees, an impressive effort. It isn’t quite enough for solar panels so instead Cafe Lua is talking to the City of Melbourne about finding another environmental initiative they can spend it on.

They’re also giving us the opportunity to give them some suggestions on their Facebook page. If you have an idea let them know.

We like the idea from Brett ‘more dudes in carrot suits’ but you might be able to come up with something with a bit more environmental impact.




Buy a cup of coffee, get some solar power

All next week your daily caffeine fix can go towards solar panels for a local cafe.

Cafe Lua won the mob with over 50% of the 1200 plus online votes. To see the online pledge and the other businesses competing visit the City of Melbourne website. This Carrotmob is the first mob run in conjunction with the City of Melbourne

From compost to solar power
Café Lua, a small happening place of deliciousness, is very committed to reducing their environmental impact. They’ve undertaken a range of initiatives including switching to compostable and reusable coffee cups, installing efficient lighting and water faucets, offering used coffee grounds for compost and installing leavers on windows to encourage natural air flow.

Café Lua now wants to take their sustainability leadership to a whole new level in the Carlton business community by installing solar power.  50 cents from every cup of coffee sold from 25th to 29th June will be put towards solar panels.

Join us
To be part of the Carrotmob and support this initiative simply rock up and buy a coffee/ssss from Cafe Lua during the week of 25th – 29th June (on average they sell 1800 coffees a week! let’s smash it!). The week long event will culminate in a Carrotmob celebration on the Friday from 10am – 12pm!

If you’re planning to show up let us know on the Carrotmob website.

Vote now for Carlton carrotmob

Voting is now open for Carrotmob Carlton. Check out the videos on the Carlton Community website and cast your vote now! Voting closes on Monday 11th June so you don’t have much time to choose your favourite.