About Carrotmob Melbourne

Carrotmob is a method of activism that uses consumer power to make the most socially-responsible business practices also the most profitable choices. Businesses compete with one another to see who can do the most good, and then a big mob of consumers buys products in order to reward whichever business made the strongest commitment to improve the world.

It’s the opposite of a boycott and is an easy way to take ethical consumerism to the next level.

A giant carrot, not a stick

The Carrotmob mascot outside Albion Budget Supermarket in West Brunswick

So far Carrotmob Melbourne has done the following:

  • Hawthorn Local Food Market doubled the small milkbar’s average Saturday sales in just three hours. All of the $1700 profits went straight into environmentally friendly improvements to the business.
  • Despite some dismal weather, Albion Budget Supermarket in West Brunswick committed $700 to green improvements to their business. They have since chipped in half the money to update all of their light globes, which has been the equivalent of four cars off the road
  • The mob at Crepes a la Carte raised enough money to develop half of the prototype needed to create Australia’s first biodegrable crepe cone.
  • Cafe Lua raised $1176 and got a new energy efficient air conditioner


Carrotmob is run by volunteers but is part of a global effort. To find out more go to: http://carrotmob.org/


5 responses to “About Carrotmob Melbourne

  1. Hi. I’ve just come across Carrotmob and I love it. I lecture a third year subject called Marketing and Society at Melbourne Uni. I featured the liquor store video in class yesterday and have just put your info on my class blog. But I have a proposal for you…how about creating a competition for businesses on campus here or nearby (Lygon St?) with my students as the main mobsters (I get about 60 turning up). They could vote, then we could mob the winning business after a class (we finish at 4.15 on Tuesdays). We’ve got 4 weeks left excluding next week’s holiday, so we’d have to get cracking. Let me know. Ben

  2. Hi Ben, Great to hear we’re featuring in the university curriculum now! We find it can take a bit of time to get businesses on board but if your students are willing to help out a bit it could be possible. We’ll have a chat here at Carrotmob headquarters and be in touch after Easter.

  3. Hi Ying and Helen
    I recently sent an email to the carrotmobmelbourne gmail address regarding a documentary series for The Documentary Shop http://www.documentaryshop.com.au/. We would love to feature Carrot Mob Melbourne as an episode.
    Is the above the right address, or is there another email address that would be better for me to use? Would be great to be able to touch base and speak to you both about it in more detail. Let me know, and I can send through my contact details and a bit of information about the project.
    Kim Ingles

  4. Hi Kim,
    It is the right email, sorry we haven’t gotten back to you yet. A Carrotmob feature sounds cool. Someone will be in touch soon.

  5. Wow good on you guys. I hope you get a chance to look at both of my sites. I am a farmer near Echuca and I am trying to get the word out about sustainable foods. We grow true organic free range, but the supermarket is full of food called free range (eggs and pork etc). And I can assure you these are false. Can some one call me on 0407688411 or email sustainable1@hotmail.com for me to help expose this shameful practice.

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