How much did we raise? And what should we spend it on?

After a week of caffeine hits, the mob raised $1176. That’s over 200o coffees, an impressive effort. It isn’t quite enough for solar panels so instead Cafe Lua is talking to the City of Melbourne about finding another environmental initiative they can spend it on.

They’re also giving us the opportunity to give them some suggestions on their Facebook page. If you have an idea let them know.

We like the idea from Brett ‘more dudes in carrot suits’ but you might be able to come up with something with a bit more environmental impact.




2 responses to “How much did we raise? And what should we spend it on?

  1. Well, what happened?

    • Glad you are interested to know Aussiemoo 🙂 Angus, the owner, has been working with City of Melbourne’s sustainability team to determine where the funds could best be spent for Cafe Lua’s environmental position. The team at Cafe Lua already consciously make use of natural ventilation, which is great, but an air conditioning system is required at times. The plan is to use the funds for a more efficient air conditioning unit in time for the cafe’s 2nd birthday celebrations (not to mention the warmer weather) in October. More details to come!

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