What makes you spend your dollar?

Everyone has a friend who has to have the latest gadget or bag before everyone else. You may even be the person who loves to boast about how much of a bargain your latest pair of shoes or cup of coffee was. Everyone is motivated to shop for different reasons.

But the backlash against the latest or the cheapest is growing.  The latest is Cashmobs where a mob of consumers purchase full-price goods to support a business in need. It’s in direct response to Groupon where often the consumer deal comes at the expense of the small business.

Carrotmob is all about making consumption about more than just buying stuff. So this week we’re asking our mobsters, what would motivate you to change your shopping habits?


2 responses to “What makes you spend your dollar?

  1. Everything on your list is important, but most of all I’d like to see a greater emphasis on provenance. The feel good factor for me is pretty high when I know that the “Stuff” I buy is made or grown by people in my own community – or in some other place that I know and care about.

    Keep up the good work Carrotmob.

  2. You’re right, it’s human nature for personal stories to resonate the most. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. For everyone else we’re getting the ‘Other’ results in the backend but they’re not publicly visible so if you choose ‘Other’ please also share with a comment. ‘All of the above’ seems like a popular choice at this stage.

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