Using pester power for good not evil this Christmas

Like every little girl in the ‘80s I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid as a child. I never got one – a cheap knockoff called a cauliflower kid was the closest I ever got.

My parents seemed immune to ‘pester power’ until we all got a bit older. A few years ago my sister decided we should have a completely fair trade Easter. To start with it was just the easter eggs the kids handed out that were fair trade. But eventually even my parents got on board (although I’m still waiting for the year when my mum doesn’t feel the need to mention how much more expensive it is).

Research from Victoria University that came out a couple of months ago suggests that my family’s experience is pretty average. In a survey of 400 Melbourne families Victoria University researcher Dr Torgeir Watne found parents accepted their children as experts in sustainability and would choose products such as organic food, chemical-free cleaning products and energy-saving light bulbs based on their opinion.

“When the family perceived the child to be knowledgeable, parents were happy to cede decision-making power on the subject to their children, in a similar way to how parents often take their children’s advice on technology,” Dr Watne said.

Carrotmob is taking a break over January for some lazy beach times but we have some plans cooking for a bigger and better new year.

In the meantime we’ll be purchasing plenty of local, fair trade, sustainably-made goodies for our loved ones. And if the research is anything to go by, we’ll be receiving some too.


One response to “Using pester power for good not evil this Christmas

  1. Nice post Em 🙂 I’m even going to try and make some pressies for people!

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