Results from Fed Square mob

Despite around 50 people putting their pennies towards an enjoyable meal or drink, the il Pomodoro mob last month didn’t raise the cash needed for the veggie garden.

Il Pomodoro  still plan on further developing their herb garden and will continue to be as sustainable as possible.

The Fed Square mob was the first restaurant mob organised by Carrotmob Melbourne.  Staffing requirements for restaurants make it more difficult to plan than a corner store as the number of staff working, compared to customers, needs to be spot on to make sure there is a profit made. In this case the numbers weren’t right.

Carrotmob Melbourne has learnt a lot from the experience. We’ll also be running some polls in the new year to try and get a better idea of what works best for our mob and our businesses.

Thanks to the carrot mobbers who did attend – it was a great night with some fantastic local music from Matt and Kate. The publicity generated also helped to prove that being environmentally friendly is a factor in consumer purchasing decisions.


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