Brunswick West mob saves equivalent of one cars worth of pollution

Albion Budget Supermarket has doubled its pledge and converted all of its lights to  save the equivalent of one cars worth of pollution.

Over a hundred shoppers mobbed the Albion Budget Supermarket in Brunswick West last year. The mob doubled the store’s average Saturday sales in just four hours.  In return, the store’s owner, Medhat Ghaly, pledged 50% of sales revenue from the event to improving his business’s environmental sustainability.

While a hefty $700 was raised from the Carrotmob event Medhat decided to invest double the amount to convert all 39 of his lights to more efficient bulbs. “Adam’s Eco Electrics came and replaced half of the lights using the money raised from the Carrotmob. We then decided it would be great to finish the whole shop!” Medhat said.

The supermarket will save approximately 2.48 tonnes of CO2 emission pollution per year – that’s approximately one car off the road annually.

Moreland Energy Foundation’s Jason Cox, who has been working with Medhat, said he will also save money in just two years time, “Medhat’s decision is not only great from an environmental perspective but also from a dollar perspective. He will save around $700 per year on electricity costs leaving a return on investment of only two years from the initial light cost outlay. It is a great example of small business taking action and why energy efficiency makes sense.”

Apart from lighting, Medhat is now working with the Moreland Energy Foundation on improving the efficiency of his drinks fridges. The supermarket is taking part in a trial to establish the suitability for new technology that will reduce fridge energy use without turning the fridges off.

*If you were at last week’s mob in Fed Square, thanks for coming and we’ll post some numbers as soon as we have them.


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