The General Assembly to play at Fed Square mob on Nov 17

We’ve been a little bit jealous of the Occupy movement, we’ll admit it. All that media coverage, crowds of people.

So we visited the New York City General Assembly (Occupy Wall St) website to see what tips we could pick up and decided to get our own general assembly. Except we got Matt from the band The General Assembly instead.

We actually think our General Assembly is better. Their music is so good it’s had an endorsement from former Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer. And they’re so committed to the environment they’ve used old books for their cd covers and halved their cd press run even though they still had to pay full price.

So if you’d like to be part of a general assembly but still go home and sleep in your own bed all you have to do is show up at Il Pomodoro restaurant in Fed Square on Thursday 17th November from 5.30 to 7.30pm. Just by buying a drink or a snack you’ll be doing your bit to make an environmental improvement (all profits go towards developing a veggie patch and herb garden in Fed Square). You’ll also be demonstrating to business what is important to you as a consumer/the 99%.

The background

Il Pomodoro competed for the mob at this year’s Sustainable Living Festival back in February, against other Fed Square locals Beer DeLuxe and Jolimont Café.  Each business pitched what they would do with the mob-generated revenue to improve their sustainability.  Festival attendees voted for their favourite on the day, and supporters also voted online in the weeks that followed.

Carrotmob campaign manager Ashlee Brady said: “We’re really excited for our first evening mob.  It’s a great way for people to support a local business on their sustainability journey, whilst enjoying great food, drinks and music! We’re encouraging people to come past for a quick after-work drink, dinner with friends, or even coffee and dessert. Consumer support for Il Pomodoro is going directly to a sustainable cause, and hopefully more restaurants, cafes and bars will be inspired to green up their practices”


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