The crowd comes to farming

A crowd, a business, voting and raising awareness of sustainability.  No, it’s not Carrotmob, it’s MyFarm.

The UK’s National Trust has just started MyFarm, turning over it’s 2500 acre farm in Cambridgeshire to the online mob.  For just 30 pounds a year each online ‘farmer’ gets to discuss farm issues and vote once a month on the farm’s major decisions.

Decision making will include:

  •  crops being grown
  • livestock being bred
  •  wider issues around the farm’s interaction with the environment

Farm manager Richard Morris will help the farmers make decisions by providing the choices which are being voted on as well as sharing his knowledge through the forum, blogs and videos. The aim is to help people reconnect with farming and learn more about how food is produced.

The farmers have already decided to grow wheat. As Richard has warned “a good decision but not going to be easy with the weather we’re predicted.” The next decision is which sheep should get breed.

Back here at Carrotmob Melbourne we’re still making decisions about our own megamob at Fed Square but a recent one has been not to hold it until the weather gets a little warmer.

So if you’re looking for a way to be part of the sustainability crowd in winter, but like the idea of doing it from the comfort of your cozy home, maybe you can give online farming a go.


2 responses to “The crowd comes to farming

  1. Love this idea! I remember the ABC did something similar on their Land Line program a while ago. Maybe we need to talk to CERES about giving over a plot of tomatoes to a virtual group of gardeners 🙂
    Here’s the link to ‘Grow Your Own’

  2. Thanks Miriam, I’ve sent CERES a tweet. You never know!

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