Are you an ecotarian?

When I came across the term ecotarian the other day I was predisposed not to like it. I have a banned word list sticky-taped to the wall next to my desk at work full of made-up words, office clichés and pretentious jargon. People like Bernard Salt who make a living out of placing entire generations into neat little boxes annoy me. I read an article once about how music genres were invented by record labels to sell more records and felt vindicated. Ecotarian had a hard battle to fight to win me over.

How to find real food at the supermarket flow chart

An ecotarian would identify with this how to find real food in the supermarket flow chart.

So imagine my surprise when ecotarian resonated with me. I won’t say it describes me perfectly. I still have my doubts about organic being much more than an excuse to charge exhorbitant prices. And I don’t really think about food miles at all – half the time I don’t even know how you’d find out where your carrots came from.

What I have noticed these days is I’ll almost always go for the Australian-made beer and wine over the European varieties. And my coffee, tea and chocolate is all fair trade. My eggs and meat are free range too. The thought of turning vegetarian has never appealed to me but given I probably only eat meat a couple of times a week anyway it seems a good balance. My inner city porch is full of pot plants filled with herbs and veggies rather than decorative flowers. And clearly, I like to support local businesses given I’m involvedwith Carrotmob. So much to my surprise I probably am a low-key ecotarian. Just don’t expect to hear me describing myself as one anytime soon.

Are you an ecotarian? Know any ecotarians? We’ve put together a quick quiz so you can test your ecotarian credentials. If you pass, fail or think it’s a term for self-indulgent inner-city wankers with too much disposable income, we’d love to hear from you. And if you do pass, the next Carrotmob is going to be held in May so we’ll be seeing you there.

Take the quiz to find out if you’re an ecotarian


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