A carrot to use public transport

I’ve heard a bit of buzz about musos playing on trams over the last few months. But it wasn’t until this week I discovered a non-profit group called The Tram Sessions was responsible. One of their aims is to encourage more use of sustainable transport and they were inspired by overseas events. So we felt like The Tram Sessions were a bit of a kindred spirit to Carrotmob.

I’ve yet to happen across music on my tram but I have always enjoyed my public transport sessions. I’m told this doesn’t happen to everyone but I’ve had some interesting chats on public transport.  There’s the oddly intimate time I ended up having breakfast with a complete stranger on the tram (he had cornflakes and was catching a flight to attend a board meeting, I had bircher muesli and was on my way to a group exercise class).  I had an excellent movie recommendation this year when I caught the tram home with someone who’d been at the same event as me (Sarah’s Key). I even kind of liked the chromer who apologised for the fumes of his habit affecting the rest of the tram.

I’ve had other people share some good train and tram stories with me too:

  • one girl I know went out with someone she met on a train
  • someone I work with commutes from Geelong every day and has a group of travel buddies she has met based on what book she was reading at the time
  • another girl met Aurora from Outrageous Fortune on a tram. Given how obscure this tv show is ‘Aurora’ was so excited to be recognised they had a massive chat about her move to Melbourne and upcoming career plans

Adam Hills has rehashed the whole interview the audience thing recently with his new show In Gordon Street Tonight. Yet again he’s proving the point that everyone is interesting in their own unique way. So why watch it on tv when you can get music and conversation on a tram or a train. Maybe don’t go to the extremes of Kramer from Seinfeld when he installed an old chat show set in his apartment. After all,  you don’t want to become the weirdo on the tram. But enjoy your sustainable choices, it’s not all about sacrifice and doing without.

At Carrotmob we’re planning to again prove the point that sustainable options can be fun. The date for the next Carrotmob will be announced any day now. Hope we see you all catching a tram, train, bus, riding a bike or walking to Fed Square soon. And if you’ve had a good public transport experience share it in the comments field.


One response to “A carrot to use public transport

  1. Hi! I love trams too! A little planet you inhabit for a few moments and then move on. Really, they are the best place to observe people at their best or worst! Here’s one of my tram posts from a while ago – http://www.miriamzolin.com/?p=107

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