You do make a difference

We’ve gotten out our calculator and done some number crunching at Carrotmob. I know, sounds boring. But the exciting news is 18% of businesses say pressure from customers would influence them to be more sustainable. And a whopping 60% say they’d like to be sustainable but the sustainable alternatives are too expensive. These figures come from a survey of Australian small businesses last year.

Sometimes numbers are good. Pressure from customers influences 18% of business to be more sustainable.

The survey didn’t ask what businesses would do if a whole mob of customers showed up at their business and bought things to help them afford sustainable changes. But we suspect 100% would agree that’s a great idea.

Voting is open for the rest of the week. All the voting from the Sustainable Living Festival is being counted separately from the online voting so every single vote could make the difference between your favourite business winning and losing.

Have a guess at how many people you think voted at the festival in the comments field – we’ll be letting you know in a couple of days time. In fact, we’re so confident no-one will get it spot on that we’ll buy you a Keep Cup if you do!


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