Vote for the business you want to mob

Online voting is now open! Watch the videos or read the profiles of each of the three Fed Square business participating in Carrotmob and vote for the business you think deserves to win the mob.

Giant green plans at the Joli
It’s jolly green times ahead at the Jolimont café where the plan is to switch to GreenPower, the government accredited renewable energy scheme.

They will also:
• improve lighting efficiency
• change takeaway packaging to recycled packaging
• sort organic waste

Drink beer to save the environment
Carrotmob can’t offer free beer to its readers like some tabloid newspapers. But it can offer the next best thing – a good excuse to drink it.

Beer DeLuxe is one of the participants in Carrotmob. They are offering to:
• stock local carbon neutral beer
• implement organic waste separation
• provide discounts to cyclists (and build a bike rack)
• arrange a home brew bottle pick-up system
• look at changing to efficient lighting which would reduce their carbon emissions by 25 tonnes per year

From trash to treasure
It’s your classic fairytale story. Neglected and unloved, someone uncovers your true potential and you blossom. But in this case the blossoming is literal. il Pomodoro wants to clean up a local vacant lot filled with weeds and rubbish and create a veggie patch that will service the kitchen. That’s zero food miles right there.

They will also:
• reseal their fridges
• start stocking keep cups and fair trade coffee

Don’t forget to vote


2 responses to “Vote for the business you want to mob

  1. How do business become involved with carrotmob and their intiatives?

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