Carrotmob…what the?

So I’m guessing if you’ve found this blog you probably know what a flashmob is (I checked and even my techno-illiterate mum has heard of them). But just in case here’s a video of one in action in Melbourne.

Carrotmob is a flashmob with a cause. Yes, that’s right, you showing up in a spot at the same time and place as everyone else can make a difference. Hang on, you say, isn’t that known as a protest and haven’t they been doing those since the ’60s?

Think of Carrotmob as a positive protest with an oddly capitalist twist. You spend your money on stuff you would’ve bought anyway – a coffee, some groceries; and in return a business pledges to do ‘something good’. Often it’s an environmental improvement, it could be donating leftover food to the homeless, whatever the business can commit to.

Then if you think what the business is promising to do is a good idea, all you have to do is show up and buy. No tie dye necessary. No chanting (not unless the mood strikes you). Just spending followed by warm, fuzzy feeling. Who would’ve thought capitalism could be this fulfilling.

And guess what, Carrotmob is coming to Fed Square right here in Melbourne. There will be pledges and there will be voting. Got thoughts on what pledge you’d like a business to make? Share them here.


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